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Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

No matter your age, we’ve probably all asked ourselves this question at some point. Sometimes your teeth may hurt temporarily, or they may hurt for a while. Other times it might only be mild discomfort, or it might be excruciating. There are many reasons why your teeth might hurt, and we’d like to address the common ones in this post. However, this is no substitute for medical care–if your teeth are hurting, the best thing to do is book an appointment with your dentist.

Too Many Acidic Foods

Your teeth are coated with a layer of enamel, which is tough enough to grind our food down to be swallowed. However, eating a lot of acidic, sugary foods can erode that enamel. This includes sugary snacks, soda, citrus, and tomato. In moderation, they’re alright. But with a lot of them, and improper brushing, acidic food can cause tooth decay and cavities, which will start to cause toothaches as bacteria grow in them.

You’ve Been Throwing Up

Your stomach acid is just that–an acid. It can linger in your mouth if you throw up, and it can eat at your teeth’ enamel. That’s why it’s a good habit to rinse your mouth out immediately when you vomit, especially if you’ve it is caused by a stomach illness, acid reflux, or another illness. If this has been happening to you, this could be a possible reason for your tooth pain.

You’ve Been Grinding Your Teeth

People may unconsciously grind and gnash their teeth, clench their jaw throughout the day, or even one of these at night when they’re asleep. Doing so can be a response to stress, a nervous tic, or simply a bad habit. Grinding and gnashing your teeth not only wears down the enamel, but also puts tension and stress on your jaws, causing not only jaw aches but toothaches as well.

You Wash Your Mouth Too Often

Everything in moderation, and that includes brushing your teeth and using mouthwash! If you clean your teeth too much, your gums can recede and expose sensitive tissue. It may also change the environment of your mouth and cause your teeth themselves to be more sensitive. If you tend to be a bit obsessive about brushing your teeth and noticing they’re starting to hurt, try simply brushing them a little less–down to two or three times a day instead.

Teeth Whiteners

There are all sorts of teeth whitening products, which generally use a bleaching agent (often hydrogen peroxide) to whiten teeth. Generally, they’re safe to use every now and then, but be sure you follow the directions. If you apply the whitening agent for too long, it can irritate your gums or erode your teeth. Make sure your dentist recommends the whitening process you use, and that you follow the instructions correctly to avoid any tooth pain.

Tooth pain is never fun, especially if it interferes with eating your favorite foods or affects swallowing or speaking. We hope that this article helps you understand what the root cause might be if you’re suffering from tooth pain. Remember, no source you read online is a proper substitute for a visit to the dentist. If you’ve had chronic or severe tooth pain and aren’t sure why, make an appointment with the dentist to get to the bottom of it.

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