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Patient Testimonials

“Thank you for your excellent care all year long to keep my ‘pearly whites’ at their best!”



“We would like to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation to you for seeing that our ‘time frame’ was met. More importantly, your skill and competence is outstanding. We feel fortunate to have remained as your patients.”

D. and G.L.

“Dear Dr. Liberman and staff: Thank you so much for making my office visit yesterday free from anxiety. I appreciate all your kindness and gentleness doing the cleaning and X-rays and taking the molds. I have always dreaded going to the dentist and you really made the visit as good as it could be. I already referred you to a friend who is looking for a dentist. Thank you all so much.”


"Dr. Liberman is an absolutely wonderful dentist. Besides being gentle and also warm and friendly, she is an artist. She has done 3 crowns for me and they are like the teeth I had. She recently did a cleaning for me and my teeth have never looked better or felt so clean. I highly recommend her!"

Joanne S.

"Dr. Lieberman is personable and pleasant. She works with just the right blend of gentleness and resolve, and does the highest quality work. I highly recommend her!"

Steve L.

"We are so pleased with Dr. Liberman!! She is our family dentist and we have recommended her to all our friends and family. She's patient, caring and very professional. She even got our little girls (ages 4 and 5) to sit quietly and have a full exam! She's the best!"

Rebeka F.

"I finally found my dentist...Only took me 35 years..Dr. Liberman is a perfectionist with a gentle touch..and she does it all.. I couldn't believe a did not have to go to a specialist to get my root canal...I have been a patient for 3 years..
Never once has she left my room to attend another patient before finishing me. Thank You Dr. Liberman..You are second to none..."

Robert C.

"Great Family Dentist! Highly recommend! We've  been to several Dentists over the years in the Great Neck Area and she's definitely ahead of the curve. Very modern equipment, extremely knowledgeable and highly attentive. Our whole family which includes two small children have been going there for years."

Anna Z.

"Dr. Liberman is very kind and gentle dentist. She put me at ease when I came in upset with a fractured tooth. Her temporary looked fabulous and she made the whole process of getting a root canal and crown stress free. I highly recommend her. My permanent looks as wonderful as if nothing ever happen to my real tooth. Thank you Doctor!"

Nicole N.

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Never been happier with a dentist before! The professionalism, individual care, sparkling clean office, and the range of services are amazing. Highly recommended! 

-Dave K., From a Yelp Review
Merrick, NY