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Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?


The perfect beaming smile is most often considered a priority to gaining a high self-esteem and to help boost your confidence. With a high demand for those pearly whites, many people have to choose what is the best option for teeth whitening products. Should you choose getting it done through a dental office or try your luck with over-the-counter alternatives? Both options have the goal of creating that bright smile you are looking for, but they do have some significant differences in terms of effectiveness, safety concerns, and your experience in how to perform the treatments. In this blog, we will review the differences in both options and why you should always choose a professional teeth whitening service to achieve your radiant smile.

Expert and Personalized Care:

When choosing a professional to perform your teeth whitening service, more than likely you will be at a dental office. You can trust that you are in great hands with a trained and experienced dental professional who knows how to assess your oral health and ensure that your teeth whitening serum is safe and suitable for your needs. When you choose a professional, you will have a dental team that can tailor the treatment plan to your unique needs and also address and help with any other dental conditions you may have.

Customized Treatment Plans:

Unlike any over-the-counter products you may find, a professional teeth whitening service will have a different approach rather than a one-size-fits-all program. They will start with an assessment of your teeth, where they will create a customized plan for your exact needs. The dentist will consider the severity of discoloration, what is behind the stains, they will look at your overall dental health, and build a plan to find the most effective solutions. This level of personalization will not only be the most effective but will help increase your overall oral health.

Safety and a Controlled Environment:

When you step into a dental clinic for your teeth whitening service, you can guarantee that the equipment used is all sterile and clean. You can also confirm that the products being used are high quality, and combined with an expert dental team, you will minimize the risk of any side effects or further dental issues. If you utilize over-the-counter whitening products, you cannot always guarantee they are safe and/or effective.

Stronger and Higher Success Rates:

When choosing a professional-grade whitening product and team for your service, you are increasing your chances of them working effectively and accurately. These professional grade agents will have a more powerful effect within a shorter time period. Although these agents are much stronger than any OTC products, you can rest assured that the dental professionals know how to regulate the strength to prevent any damage to your enamel or teeth sensitivity.

Quick and Durable:

When utilizing professional teeth whitening services, you can ensure that because of the higher grade ingredients, you will notice that you will see faster results that last much longer than any OTC products. Unlike many OTC systems, in-office procedures utilize either laser or light-accelerated treatment plans that can deliver noticeable differences within one treatment. Some dental offices can also provide maintenance kits to help with the longevity.

Maintenance and Follow-Up:

Although you may not have to leave your house for any OTC systems, you will not get the personalization or professional look you are really wanting. Convenience over quality isn’t always the best route to take. Your dental professionals take a comprehensive plan when creating the services you need and will continue to monitor your progress to ensure all your needs are addressed and met. Dental clinics also have follow-up appoitnments to help with any adjustments needed with your whitening plan and help you maintain your healthy smile.

Reduce Side Effects:

One major side effect when you use any teeth whitening products is some side effects that involve your oral health and teeth sensitivity. When you utilize a professional service, you can help yourself by minimizing these risks because they have the proper application techniques. They can also help manage any side effects and take control of any other oral health issues right away so your mouth and smile stay bright!


While many over-the-counter teeth whitening products have a high convenience factor for your busy and active life, you should always lean more towards choosing a trusted dental professional. The personalized care, custom treatment plans, and continued monitoring with a high-grade teeth whitening agent will always be a better option to give you the most optimal oral care you deserve and need to achieve your desired results. You should always trust a professional to transform your smile and boost your confidence.

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