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What parents need to know about their child's permanent teeth

Are your child's permanent teeth coming in? Nothing is more exciting as a little kid than getting a visit from the tooth fairy when the baby teeth start falling out. Although sometimes permanent teeth check-in early before the baby teeth have fallen out. Do not worry. We are here will break down what to expect for your child's permanent teeth growing in! Here's what every parent should know about permanent teeth!

What to expect

Kids lose their teeth around six years old, sometimes, their permanent teeth can start peaking out a little earlier. We will cover that later. Generally speaking, the first permanent teeth that children get are their molars. Usually, after the molars come in, the child will continue to lose the rest of their baby teeth. The first baby teeth to fall out are the bottom front teeth. You can expect baby teeth to keep falling out and being replaced by permanent teeth to continue until around the age of 13. Around the ages of 12-14, 4 more molars are likely to grow. Then at the ages 17-22, there is also the potential for wisdom teeth to show up.

What happens when my kid's teeth come in early?

Are your child's permanent teeth starting to come in, but their baby teeth haven't fallen out? It is known as "shark teeth." Although shark teeth may look a bit scary or concerning, it is usually nothing to worry about. What normally occurs when teeth fall out is that the permanent teeth come in and push against the root of the baby teeth, causing them to dissolve and fall out. With shark teeth, the permanent teeth do not push the baby teeth out. When this occurs, it takes longer for the baby's teeth to fall out. Consult with your dentist on the best practice for the situation.

Why are my kid's teeth not coming in yet?

If your kid has reached the stage of life where they should be losing their teeth but haven't, it is not necessarily something to be worried about. Children lose their teeth at their own pace. If your child has not started to lose their teeth way outside the normal range of time, you should ask your dentist to see if they may have a failure to a permanent tooth eruption. Your dentist can use an X-ray to get a closer look to see what issue may be causing the teeth not to grow.


As kids grow in their permanent teeth, it is important to stay up to date with your dentist appointments. Try to book an appointment for your child every six months. It will ensure that your dentist is updated on the teeth healthy and that they are growing in properly. For more questions, feel free to give us a call, and good luck to all of the tooth fairies out there!

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