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Reasons to Choose Invisalign over Braces

Over the past decade or so, Invisalign has emerged as a quality alternative to traditional braces. No matter what stage you are at in your life, everyone wants to have the best smile they can have. There is no reason to conceal your teeth if you do not have to–but you might not want to have braces. Because braces are for kids, right? Well, not exactly. If you want to have straighter teeth, and you do not want to deal with the hassle of traditional braces, then this might be a good option for you. Besides being inconspicuous, this new option has many other benefits over traditional braces.

They are Nearly Invisible

Invisalign gets its name from its near transparency. With them on, most people will not be able to notice that there is anything on your teeth. This is a great option for people who are not teenagers. While there is nothing wrong with traditional braces, a working professional or parent might not want to have the look that comes with braces. And if there is an option that allows you to avoid that, then why not?

They Require Less Maintenance

Anyone with braces will be able to tell you that braces are a lot of work. Routine visits to the orthodontist, regular tightenings and adjustments, and not to mention the wear and tear that braces face, are testament to the amount of labor that goes into maintaining braces. With this alternative to braces, those maintenance needs are nearly eliminated. You simply will not need to see the orthodontist that frequently and make adjustments with your new alternative to braces. With this great option, you will still need to have regular check-ups with your dentist, but they will occur much less frequently.

Fewer Lifestyle Restrictions

With traditional braces, there are some pretty big changes that a person needs to get used to. A person will have to change his or her eating habits, like removing gum and candy from one’s diet. In addition, food has a knack for getting caught in the braces, so a person will also have to work extra hard to get all of that food removed. Physically, traditional braces also pose a bit of an adjustment; the new metal fixtures may require some getting used to.

In contrast, Invisalign does not have any dietary restrictions. You do not need to worry about eating a certain type of food and then damaging the new hardware. In addition, brushing and flossing one’s teeth is much easier with them, as there are no metal wires that get in the way of your brushing.

If you are unsure of which option is best for you, Invisalign or traditional braces, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Julie Liberman and her team at Great Neck Dental Care. Whether it is restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or a general check-up, Dr. Liberman has been helping people in the Great Neck and Nassau County area find the dental care they need.

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