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How to Protect Your Sweet Tooth

It happens to almost everyone. You’ve been taking great care of your oral hygiene, eating healthier foods, and flossing regularly, but one day you indulge a bit too heavily in those sugary sweets. Honestly, who doesn’t love to have a cheat day or treat themselves on special occasions? Whether your went all in while indulging in a box of chocolates or you’re looking for ways to strategically protect your teeth from sweet goodies on your off days, there are a few actions you can take to make sure that your pearly whites are cared for properly even when you overdo it on the sugar.

Drink Extra Water

You already know that drinking a good amount of water during the day is essential to maintaining your overall health. This becomes even more important if you’ve been binging on some sweet treats. Water doesn’t only work to flush sugar from your body, it also helps to wash potentially harmful sugar build-up from your teeth. Drinking an extra glass of water after eating foods high in sugar can help protect your tooth enamel by rinsing out excess sugar before it has a chance to latch onto your teeth.

Eat It, Don’t Drink It

If you know that there’s a good chance you’ll be snacking on some sugary treats, it’s important to avoid pairing them with drinks that are also high in sugar. Eating your sugar intake is less harmful to your teeth than drinking it! That’s right, that slice of cake you had after dinner is surprisingly better for your dental health than drinking a soda. This is because sweet drinks also tend to be highly acidic, leading to an increased chance for bad bacteria to build up in your mouth and creating a perfect storm for tooth decay. For the times that you do treat yourself to a sweet drink, keep in mind that straws are your friend. Drinking soda or other sugary beverages through a straw can reduce the amount of sugar that makes it to your teeth.

Don’t Brush Right Away

It might sound contradictory, but you shouldn’t rush to brush your teeth after consuming sweet goodies. Doing so can actually prevent your body from enacting its natural defense system against bad bacteria. After you’ve eaten anything, your teeth are naturally at their weakest. This when your mouth begins to work overtime to restore your pH levels and provide a protective shield against harmful elements. By rushing to the bathroom to brush your teeth, you can cause additional damage to your already vulnerable teeth. You should wait at least 30 minutes after your sugary indulgence to allow your teeth’s pH levels to naturally balance itself out.


Everyone likes to indulge their sweet tooth on special occasions, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the health of your teeth! Use these helpful tips in conjunction with your regular dental check-ups, so that you can have your cake and eat it too!

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