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Is it safe to visit the dentist?

These are unprecedented times, and no one is sure how to behave. Now that all US states are reopening to some degree, it can be tempting to return to life as normal. But the virus isn’t gone yet.

When it comes to oral health care during a pandemic, it’s a balancing act between two health risks. While returning to the public can be risky with the coronavirus still alive and well, it can also be risky to your overall health to put off a dental treatment or even a check-up.

If your dentist has reopened and you’re due for an appointment, is it safe to go? Here are some things to think about before and after you decide to visit the dentist:

Research COVID cases in your area

Before you resume “life as normal,” look into the number of cases in your area. If you live in a highly congested city with a growing number of cases, you may not want to reenter the public except for essential reasons (which a dentist appointment may be considered in some cases). If you live in a less crowded area with a decreasing amount of cases, you can consider resuming regular outings, especially if it’s essential for your health.

Put your and your family’s health first

After doing your homework, the most crucial consideration before reentering the public is your health. If you or a family member has a preexisting health condition that would make you vulnerable to the symptoms of COVID-19, you should take greater precautions and consider sheltering in place until you feel safe.

Additionally, you should be sure you don’t have the virus yourself. One can have coronavirus without showing symptoms. If you feel sick in any way, stay home.

Communicate with your dentist

Dentist’s offices are different than the grocery stores you’ve been visiting throughout quarantine, as they require a fair amount of human contact. You should ensure your dentist’s office is taking all the proper precautions before visiting.

Dentist’s offices that have reopened should be taking exhaustive precautions to keep themselves and their patrons safe. Here are a few preventative measures you should expect from your dentist: requiring staff and patients to wear masks, taking patients’ temperatures prior to entrance, enforcing social distancing practices, and sanitizing frequently.

If your dentist’s office is taking all of these precautions, you can feel pretty confident in visiting your dentist.

Take all the necessary safety precautions

Your dentist may be doing all they can to ensure the safety of their staff and patients, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your part to keep everyone safe and healthy. In addition to wearing your mask, social distancing, and submitting to all other safety protocols that your dentist’s office has in place...

Wash your hands before and after your visit

Before you enter the office, wash your hands thoroughly. Do the same before you leave to ensure you aren’t bringing germs in or out of the office.

Leave your dentist a good review online

Finally, if you’re pleased with the care you’ve received from your dentist and the measures they’ve taken to reopen safely during the pandemic, give them some love online! It’ll ultimately boost the dentist’s business, which is greatly needed during this trying financial time.

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