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Innovations in Veneer Technology: What’s New In Cosmetic Dentistry


When looking into the start of the beginning of cosmetic dentistry, you can see veneers have always been a popular choice when creating that flawless smile. Now, looking into today’s upgraded veneers, you can see what changes have been made to these thin shells to help revolutionize cosmetic dentistry. In this blog, we will look into the most up-to-date technology and how these changes have enhanced the process to creating that natural-looking smile.

Digital Impressions:

When making veneers, the patient would begin with getting impressions, a messy process that includes molds. With the advances in technology, we can now create impressions digitally with a 3D printer. Dentists now utilize an intraoral scanner that will create precise 3D models of your teeth. This helps improve the accuracy of the fitting, all while creating a more pleasant experience for the patient. These digital impressions are then sent to a 3D printer, which turns the digital file into a mold and creates the most precise veneers.

Ultra-Thin and Luminescent:

Not only is technology advancing in the way we create molds, but you can now see the way science is advancing through the development of ultra-thin material. These ultra-thin veneers will help reduce the need for tooth reduction. With traditional veneers, dentists would need to remove a great amount of tooth enamel to make sure that the veneers would fit properly. With this ultra-thin material, we now only have to remove a minimal amount of enamel, which helps preserve the structure of your tooth. These veneers can now mimic the translucency of your natural teeth to help improve aesthetics and blend the teeth nicely with your surrounding teeth. This helps eliminate that artificial look.

Minimal Prep:-

Because there isn’t as much prep with these modern-day veneers, you will notice less tooth sensitivity, less discomfort, and less alteration of your tooth structure. These procedures are less invasive, all while preserving your teeth and still creating the perfect cosmetic smile.

Customization with Digital Smile Design:-

“DSD,” also known as Digital Smile Design, is a tool that helps dentists customize veneers to create the perfect fit. They do this by using digital software to plan and visualize a realistic outcome with the patient. With this technology, there is less room for error and more time to ensure the final veneers are perfect for the patient.


With all the advances in technology and materials, you will notice that the lifespan of these veneers has significantly increased. We have noticed that these veneers have very long-lasting results with less wear, chipping, and cracking. Because of this increased durability, you will have fewer visits for replacements and increased value.


Technology and these new innovations have helped transform cosmetic dentistry into what we are today. We are able to offer patients a higher quality veneer that will last them for many years. From the preciseness of digital impressions to the amazing scientific outcome of ultra-thin material, you can ensure that these veneers are not only aesthetically pleasing but are more comfortable, too. With the continuous advancements in technology, you will see many more exciting possibilities for cosmetic dentistry.

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