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Halloween Candy & Dental Care

Halloween is swiftly approaching. For many parents, Halloween may seem like a holiday created for the particular purpose of producing cavities in their children’s teeth. However, this could be a fantastic opportunity for parents to educate their children about cavity prevention and healthy eating. And while it is undoubtedly impossible to entirely abstain from the sugary treats associated with this spooky holiday, there are many fun and easy ways for parents to help their children with sugar overload that tends to follow Halloween night.

Halloween does not need to be a frightening event for dental health when utilized as a teachable moment. In actuality, it can be used to help teach your children about making healthy choices, moderation, and dental hygiene.

Devise a Candy Strategy

Preparing a strategy ahead of time is your best bet at helping to prevent your child from going overboard with sweet treats on Halloween. It can help to chat with your child and give them options before the evening begins about what the plan will be after their candy bucket has been filled. For example, you might set a limit on the number of homes they’re allowed to visit, have them carry a smaller Halloween bucket, or allow them to pick out their favorite treats from their bucket and donate the rest. Whatever strategy you and your child collectively develop, establishing rules beforehand is definitely the way to go.

Furthermore, the types of candy that your child consumes should be carefully chosen. Hard candy and treats that remain in the mouth for an extended period of time should be avoided, as they can expose teeth to an elevated risk of tooth decay. And the consumption of sticky candies, such as gummy bears and taffy, should be limited, as they take longer to be removed by saliva and increase the tooth decay risk.

Brush Away the Sweets

Regardless of how much candy your child consumes on Halloween night, they must brush their teeth properly and thoroughly to avoid tooth decay. And there are plenty of ways to help your child enjoy and get excited about brushing their teeth, like getting them a brand new toothbrush. Whether it’s their favorite color or is adorned with their favorite cartoon character, a new toothbrush and some floss can be added to your child’s Halloween bucket to remind them of the importance of their dental hygiene on Halloween.

Once they’ve savored up their Halloween treats, it is essential that your child both brushes and flosses, removing any candy that can easily get stuck between their teeth. Review proper brushing techniques with them, showing them how to position their brush toward the gum line at a 45-degree angle.

Maintain Healthy Eating Habits and Drink Plenty of Water

The foods you eat and how frequently you consume these foods have a significant effect on your overall health and dental health. For example, dairy products like cheeses, yogurts, and milk are low in sugar and filled with protein and calcium, serving to strengthen your teeth. Moreover, lean proteins like poultry, fish, and eggs can also help to fortify your teeth. And high in water and fiber, fruits and veggies can help to keep your teeth clean.

Additionally, “drinking fluoridated water can help prevent tooth decay.” Unlike sugary beverages, such as soda and sports drinks, that elevate the risk of tooth decay, fluoridated water helps strengthen the teeth, increasing their resistance to the acid attacks resulting in cavities.

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