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Do porcelain veneers ruin your teeth?

A beautiful, healthy smile can give you the confidence to take on the world! A gorgeous smile can make you seem happier, friendlier, and more approachable to others. And the opposite can be true if your teeth are damaged or misaligned. With damaged teeth, people often hide their smiles and close themselves off from others. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! Porcelain veneers can give you back your smile and confidence. But are veneers safe? Can veneers damage your teeth? That’s a common question and precisely what we are going to cover below. So please keep reading to find out more about veneers and their effect on your teeth!

What are They?

Dental or porcelain veneers are incredibly thin covers or shells that your dentist can bond to your existing teeth. Made out of porcelain or a composite resin, veneers can have their color altered to match the look of your teeth, giving you a more natural-looking smile.

Veneers can be used to fix a number of dental issues. They make a great choice to hide stubborn stains that you can’t manage to get rid of. You can even use veneers to hide damaged teeth that are cracked or chipped.

Lasting for ten years or longer, porcelain veneers make for a long-lasting investment that can give you back confidence and a beautiful smile for years to come!

Will Porcelain Veneers Ruin Your Teeth

Porcelain veneers will not damage or ruin your teeth. In fact, veneers improve and enhance the natural beauty of your smile!

When placing a veneer, a small amount of tooth enamel is removed to aid in the bonding process. However, the tooth still retains its overall strength. Because of the small amount of enamel that is removed, veneers are considered permanent.

Even as permanent implants, veneers can become damaged. Because they are so thin, it isn’t unheard of for porcelain veneers to become cracked or damaged. Luckily the thin, simple design of the veneers allows them to be fixed and replaced easily!

Things to Keep in Mind

There is no doubt porcelain veneers are an excellent option for giving you back a beautiful smile. There are a few things you should keep in mind, however. For one, it is possible for small amounts of food to become lodged between the veneer and your natural tooth. If this happens, bacteria can grow and lead to bad breath. Proper brushing and good oral hygiene will keep this to a minimum.

Another important thing to keep in mind is a possible increase in your tooth’s sensitivity to hot and cold. The combination of the slight enamel loss and the thin veneer can lead to increased sensitivity in the tooth’s nerves.

So, are porcelain veneers the right choice for you? And, who should you call to find out? Dr. Julie Liberman, DDS of Great Neck Dental Care NY, proudly serves patients of all ages in the Great Neck area, spanning New Hyde Park, Floral Park, Douglaston, Jericho, Roslyn, etc. Book your check-up today to see the improvements porcelain veneers can have on your smile!

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