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Can These Common Habits Actually Ruin Your Teeth?

A regular trip to the dentist is a must for anyone looking to take care of their teeth, but it’s how you treat your teeth outside of the dentist visit that will determine the overall health of them. In fact, there are plenty of daily habits we experience that damage our teeth.

The last thing you want to do is turn your dental visit into multiple visits that require surgery and other dental procedures. Not only will this prove to be expensive, but it can make everyday tasks that much more difficult.

When taking care of your teeth, keep in mind the following things that will cause harm to the cosmetics and function of your teeth. After all, your teeth are designed to make eating easier, not harder.

Alcohol and Caffeine

Caffeine and alcohol are known to result in a dry mouth, which can be damaging because your saliva plays a major role in rinsing bacteria out of your mouth. Drinks like soda and coffee, which normally have a lot of added sugars, can add to the harmful effects on your teeth. Carbonation can also lead to eroding tooth enamel.

You don’t necessarily have to give up these habits, but extra care will be needed as much as possible. In this case, counter the bad habit with a good habit by rinsing your mouth out after every cup of coffee, can of soda, or alcoholic beverage.

Biting Things That Aren’t Food

We’re all prone to biting or chewing on something that isn’t food. Whether it be the cap on a pen, plastic packaging, fingernails, ice, or anything else for that matter. Since the tip of the tooth is also the weakest part of the tooth, you will likely risk a broken or chipped tooth.

If you find yourself constantly chewing on things outside of food, try replacing that habit with gum-chewing. Although sugary gum will harm your teeth, there are numerous brands out there that can clean your teeth in the process.

Brushing/Flossing Too Much

If you thought lack of brushing and flossing was the only thing damaging your dental hygiene, doing too much of it can also prove to be harmful. A toothbrush with a tough bristle and constant back-and-forth motions can wear away enamel. Likewise, flossing too rough can destroy your gums.

Many dentists recommend the use of a water pick or an electric toothbrush to take the pressure off your teeth and gums. It’ll be more effective and make brushing your teeth much easier.

Grinding and Clenching Teeth

Grinding and clenching your teeth can become a habit when consistently placed in stressful or nervous situations. It can eventually lead to cracking, breaking, or chipped teeth and will result in eroded enamel.

Whether you do this during the day or while you sleep, there are ways to prevent the harm by using a specialized mouthguard.

While a dentist can help you maintain your dental hygiene, it’s ultimately up to you to give your teeth the daily care it needs.

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