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A Lasting Smile: A Parent’s Guide on How to Help Your Child Take Care of Their Teeth


Every parent wants the best for their children. Creating exceptional dental hygiene and establishing proper dental care from a young age can pave the way to smiles that will last a lifetime. In this blog we will cover the most practical tips to help you conquer the building blocks of teaching your child the proper oral care.

Leading by Example

First and foremost, your child watches your every move and will generally copy what they see on a daily basis from their parents. By leading by example demonstrating how important oral hygiene is and being consistent with your oral care routine, you can show your child how easy it is to take care of those pearly whites daily.

Start Early

You should be starting dental care before your baby even has a tooth. Cleaning your child’s gums after every feeding will help remove any bacteria from the milk. Start with a soft and damp cloth to rub over their gums. Once they have reached the age where they have teeth, you can transition to a small toothbrush that is designed for infants/toddlers.

Choose the Right Toothbrush

Selecting the correct toothbrush and dental tools is crucial for providing your child with correct oral care. You should be using toothpaste that is not only age-appropriate but also contains fluoride. The toothbrush should have soft bristles so that it doesn’t damage their sensitive gums. As your child gets older, you can get them more involved in the dental care routine. Let them pick out their own toothbrush and get them excited to remember to always stick with their oral care routine.


Making sure you stay consistent with a dental care routine will help your child be successful. Making sure your child establishes a routine to brush their teeth twice a day will help keep their smiles in good health. Make sure you have a timer ready and let them see that they should be brushing for the recommended two minutes each time.

Creating Fun Tactics

Make sure you make it a fun experience. This can help encourage your child to want to brush their teeth and also trigger them to remember that they need to do this morning and night. You can have a certain song that plays during this time, or have a reward system that they can be interactive with. Creating a positive environment will only help them be successful.

Watch the Sugar

Creating a healthy diet and decreasing your child’s sugar intake can improve their oral health. This includes limiting any sugar drinks or snacks that could potentially lead to tooth decay. Having a healthy diet for you and your child that includes vegetables, fruits, and dairy products will help strengthen teeth and gums.

Regular Check-Ups

Make sure you have a dental check-up scheduled on time to help monitor your child’s oral health. This will get them use to a dentist and help. They see that it isn’t scary to go take care of your teeth. A dentist can also show them that their daily routines are working.


Making sure you are engaged and providing excellent oral hygiene for your child is only going to improve their well-being. Remember to always lead by example, start showing them a consistent routine early, and last but not least make it fun, then you will create those healthy smiles.

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