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Finding the right provider to entrust your dental healthcare with can be a big decision. So, how can you pick the dentist that is right for you? While there are many factors that can go into picking a dentist, there are four important points that you should consider first before making your final decision.

1. Do They Take Your Insurance?

The first and most obvious factor is whether or not the dentist you want to go to is going to take your dental insurance. If you’ve just started looking for a dentist, your insurance provider will likely be able to assist you by recommending dentists in your area that they already know will take your insurance. If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t panic! Many dental offices now offer affordable in-house payment options that can help you get the dental care that you need without having regular insurance. You should always call the dentist’s office ahead of time and confirm that they either take your insurance or have an affordable program that works for you.

2. What Are Their Office Hours?

Next, you’ll need to take a close look at the dentist’s office hours to see if they are a good fit for your lifestyle. If you know what work schedule usually looks like, you can easily rule out dentists who don’t have office hours that work with your schedule. If you notice that a dentist has strange or unusual office hours, this might be an indication that getting an appointment with them will be a challenge. With dental healthcare being such an integral part of your overall wellness, you should be sure to pick a dentist that you’ll be able to see at convenient times on a consistent basis.

3. How Clean Is Their Office?

If you’ve found a dentist that checks all of your boxes, you should plan on stopping by their office to have a look around. Dental offices are healthcare facilities and should always be kept in a clean, tidy and sanitized manner. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became more important than ever to maintain a safe, clean working environment. If you happen to notice that the waiting area, front desk or restrooms appear to be messy or unsanitary, you should be wary of booking an appointment.

4. Do They Make You Feel Comfortable?

Finally, you should feel comfortable and confident when addressing any of your oral health concerns with your dentist. After all, they’re there to serve you. If you feel that your dentist doesn’t listen to your concerns, invalidates your questions or doesn’t pay attention while you’re speaking, then you should find a dentist who will be able to properly meet your needs. Your dental health should always be the top priority and you should never compromise those needs by seeing a dentist who makes you feel uncomfortable.

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